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What is basler SHADES?

How does basler SHADES work?

Is basler SHADES ammonia-free?

What is the difference between basler SHADES and basler Colour Soft Multi?

Can I use basler SHADES to even out the colour in the lengths and tips of a root colouration?

Does basler SHADES cover grey hair?

Can I lighten the colour tone with basler SHADES?

What is the mixing ratio of developer to basler SHADES?

Can I bleach basler SHADES?

Can I mix the colours of basler SHADES with each other?

How to use the basler SHADES Clear?

What is the mixing ratio of basler SHADES when working with basler SHADES Clear?

How is the hair prepared before using basler SHADES?

What is the recommended application time for basler SHADES?

How do you rinse out basler SHADES?

How do you apply basler SHADES after global bleaching?

Can basler SHADES be used immediately after a fresh perm?

How long does basler SHADES last in the hair?

How many shades darker can the hair be coloured with basler SHADES?

What is the application recommendation of basler SHADES with regard to the initial pitch?

Application with a brush or applicator bottle?

Can an opaque root colouring be done with basler Color Soft Multi while basler SHADES is working on the lengths and tips at the same time?

Are there any concerns if the base colour and basler SHADES touch?

Does the natural hair take on the shade of the glossing – e.g. with a strand colouring?

How do the application time and initial tone affect the colour result?

Is the visible result the numbering of the SHADES?